The Legacy of Fishing in Miami

Fishing in Miami has been popular for decades. Sailfish, Kingfish, Sharks, Wahoo, Dolphinfish, Cobia, Snapper and Grouper make a showing very close to shore. Aside from being a city which offers something for everyone, Miami is very accessible to the average traveler making it the ultimate fishing destination.

There are few coastal destinations in the world that offer Trolling, Swordfishing and Kite Fishing less than 10 miles from the beach.

There are many techniques that are used in Miami for Deep Sea Fishing.  Trolling, or pulling artificial lures and dead rigged baits to cover a wide area, is synonymous with Deep Sea fishing. It is the fishing technique most employed throughout the world. It is very effective for finding fish in a wide area. This technique is used primarily in the Summer months, and we catch  Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, and plenty of Mahi Mahi with this technique.

The Mahi or the Dolphinfish as it is locally known is a beautiful fish that puts on a great show on light tackle. They are very acrobatic. We troll to cover a huge area so we can locate the schools of mahi. As these are schooling fish the schools can number in the hundreds. Not only are they lots of fun to catch but very good eating.

A technique that is unique to the Miami area is Kite Fishing. The primary target is usually Sailfish, but kite fishing catches other species as well. With this technique two special kites are flown and three live baits are dangled from each of these kites. This allows the baits to cover a larger area and it makes for a perfect presentation since the target species does not see the tackle in the water. This sometimes puts the bite in range of the boat and it makes for fantastic show. Catching a Sailfish is an unforgettable experience, and we have anglers and novices from around the world coming to Miami just for that experience.

Miami is also a world-class area to go Swordfishing. The technique used is based on what time of day the species is being targeted. For daytime Swordfishing, extremely heavy weights are used to send the baits down over 1800 feet where the Swordfish typically are during the day. For nighttime Swordfishing, baits are drifted closer to the surface over the swordfish grounds. Swordfish in the area range from 75 lbs. up to 600 lbs. or more and are an exciting catch and a delicious fish to take home for the table!

Fishing is a popular pastime in South Florida due to our mostly calm waters and great fishing throughout the year. Due to our location and close proximity to the Gulfstream, our Deep Sea fishing grounds are located just 3 miles offshore, compared to other places in the country where one must travel 20, 30 or more miles to get to the fishing grounds. Fishing in Miami is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. It is a perfect way to spend a Family day, a day with friends, a bachelor party, or an anniversary. But one thing is for sure; no excuse is necessary to have a great fishing day on the water in Miami!

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11 Dec 2017

By Capt. Nel Martinez