Los Ranchos - Miami's Best Steakhouse

Steak. A pillar of the culinary industry and served on practically every street corner of the developed world. But what makes a steak? Salt? Herbs? Butter? Perhaps. Yet, it would all be for nothing, if not for one crucial ingredient: Passion. In the summer of 1981, Los Ranchos Steakhouse revolutionized Miami’s restaurant scene by introducing a delicious, affordable, unique, and, most importantly, passion-filled dish. Center-cut beef tenderloin, carefully marinated in a house-made chimichurri, and char-broiled to perfection. This, is passion. This, is steak. This is, the Churrasco.


Los Ranchos has staked its entire reputation on the Churrasco. But it doesn’t end there, with each steak comes Gallo Pinto - a perfect blend of white rice and savory red beans - and Maduros, succulent, sweet fried plantains. This famed trio is enough to send any food lovers taste buds into a state of euphoria. However, there is still much more to be had.


Smaller dishes are a great way to get the meal started. It’s hard not to order multiple servings of the queso fundido made with fresh mozzarella, chorizo or beef along with plenty of soft tortillas so you can dip or make your own impromptu taco. If you’re in the mood to kick off your meal on a bit of lighter note, opt for one of the Caribbean style ceviches made with marinated fish of the day tossed in lime juice and spices or the seafood cocktail with clams, shrimp, fish, served with a tomato sauce. Both options are refreshing and open up the palate. 

Los Ranchos Tostones Nica

For those who love seafood, the Cancun shrimp wrapped in bacon and served with mango chutney is always a winner, while the Emerald fish made with a locally caught fish special is served with a delicate cream sauce that enhances the seafood’s flavors. And don’t worry, even seafood lovers can get into the churrasco fun with the Norwegian salmon filet “churrasco” that’s bathed in chimichurri and char-broiled. 

Make sure to muddle your sense with their refreshing and tasty specialty drinks! The Sangria Sevillana is an irresistible house favorite Spanish wine infused with tropical fruit. Their full bar also offers local craft beer on tap as well as a wine list that is sure to please all connoisseurs.


Definitely save room for dessert as Los Ranchos has some of the best in town. The restaurant is credited as one of the first – if not the first – Miami restaurant to put Tres Leches on the menu.  Other sweet specialties include the house flan available in caramel, coconut or cream cheese flavors, moist Pio Quinto cake, and they even occasionally feature local favorites made by none other than Wynwood’s finest, Fireman Derek.


Although Los Ranchos began as an ode to Nicaraguan cuisine, it has evolved into much more over its 35+ years in business. The menu has evolved to incorporate a variety of different seasonal items along with dishes and drinks that reflect its hometown of Miami. On the newly introduced “Hecho in Miami” menu options like Calle Ocho tacos, made with pork and pineapple, along with “Pollo Viscaya” can be washed down with Tank Brewing beer.  Los Ranchos has even embraced its Miami roots by opening an outpost inside Hard Rock Stadium, where Dolphins fans can chow down on their favorite steaks with churrasco “chop” bowls, crispy queso frito bites and Tres Leches. 

Los Ranchos Tres Leches


No matter the appetite or occasion, Los Ranchos is the perfect spot to satisfy those steak cravings in a warm, friendly and unique atmosphere. 

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29 Dec 2017

By Giovanny Gutierrez & Nicholas Robelo